Friday, February 27, 2009

3 Months old!

Kayden and Riley are 3 months old. They have grown so much, Kayden is our little chunker weighing 10 pounds 14 ounces and Riley is our petite little girl weighing 9 pounds 8 ounces. They have come along way from their 3 pounds 10 oz and 3 pounds 8 oz.

Kayden trying to lick the birp cloth
Riley trying to eat the blanket.

We think Riley is getting a little sick. Kayden is just getting over a little cold and an ear infection now Riley seems to not be feeling so well. She is a little happy when she is in her swing but a lot of the day she is sad and just wants to be held.

We are glad kayden is now feeling better. For about 2 weeks now they have been smiling at us. We were so happy when they finally started doing that, not just the usual gas smiles.

Braegger Family

Zachs dad, step mom and sister Scout came to visit while we were in Utah.

Lyle and Wendy. This was the first time they have seen the twins since they were 1 day old in the hospital.

Aunt Rachel, Me and Riley, Zach and Kayden, Uncle Adam and Aunt Scout.

Zach's Grandparents also came to visit from Ogden.

Scout loved Adam and Rachel's dog Maddie.

Trip to Utah

We took a trip to Utah to visit family and for my nephew Nixons first birthday. It was fun to see everyone. Nixon loved his birthday cake! He is getting so big, I can't wait until he can play with his cousins.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Land of Babies

Sorry there are so many pictures but when I am home all day with them I take pictures!

Kayden had such a long day!

Monday, February 2, 2009

More Pictures!

Riley likes looking in the mirror that is on her toy. I guess she knows how cute she is!

His cheeks are so kissable!