Tuesday, August 23, 2011

They are getting so big...

I can't believe how fast kids grow. Where have the last 2 1/2 years gone? I remember when my nephew Nixon started talking and I thought I just couldn't wait until Kayden and Riley started talking too! Well now I find myself thinking, if I could just get some piece and quiet! :)

I do love this age though. It is fun I can carry on conversations with them. However the back talking and "NO MOMMY!" can get old.

We finished setting up the babies crib that used to be the crib that the twins slept in. I remember them in it, I had to clean off some old milk! Now they sleep in a bunk bed.

Riley still loves her baby and blankey but Kayden lost his taggy a while ago and we had to convince him he was a big boy and was okay without it. I think I had a harder time loosing it, I love to keep stuff like that.

Kayden know all of his letters. Don't know where he learned it but one day at Olive Garden he was looking at his kids menu and stared telling me all of the letters on the page. He doesn't know the order of the alphabet but he loves telling me all the letters he sees in words, the cereal box, netflix, and even the toilet. :)

They love Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse, Pirates, Word World and Blues Clues. If they could they would drag me to the park EVERYDAY! I don't know what they would do with out each other. They are their best friends. If Riley wakes up early she has to wake Kayden so they can start playing.

Kayden is all boy. He loves his cars and trains. Riley loves playing mommy with her baby and almost anything she can tuck into a blanket. However Kayden does like the occasional dress up game.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Missing bone...

So here is the update on our little peanut.

We went in for a routine ultrasound almost 2 weeks ago, well what we thought was going to be routine. Everything was going fine during the ultrasound. The tech was very good at her job when she found a problem. She had the Doctor come in and he told us that it looks like our baby is missing his/her left radius bone. I never knew that could happen. So of course we had a ton of questions. The Doctor said he could not see anything more wrong besides that but he wanted us to meet with a genetic counselor at the University of Utah to rule out any other major problems.

Today we had our ultrasound at the University. It took FOREVER! The baby was as stubborn as could be! It would not move. They could not get a great look at its arm so they could not see if he/she has a thumb or not. If there is no thumb then we will need to figure a way after it's born to make a thumb somehow so he/she would have more use of the arm. If there is a thumb bone then it is just a little less visits to a specialist.

The heart and brain and other organs all looked good. According to the genetic counselor it looks like this is a sporadic thing that happened to this baby. That is great news. The only thing they could not say 100% sure was if the baby has the opening to its butt. Or as they called it the button on the butt. I guess with things like missing or shortened bones that something like no opening on the butt could happen. She could not get a great look today so she could not say for sure. If it is there and formed than everything is good but if there is no opening then that will be a whole list of other problems that I don't want to thing about.

I am hoping for the best of course and I know there are so many other terrible things we could have had happen but no one wants to see there baby go through anything like surgery or having to meet with different specialists.

So for now we hope for the best and try to get me to full term!