Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas program

 Yes Kaydens hand rested right there for the first part of the program.  Boys will be boys right?

Kayden and Riley had their Christmas Program last week.  They did The Littlest Christmas tree.  Riley was the littlest Christmas tree and Kayden played a kid.  I wasn't expecting much just a cute little show.  I have to say I have never laughed so hard!  Kayden was so funny.  For a few days prior to the show they were both practicing and Kayden kept saying his teacher told them they had to belt it out so everyone could hear and they had to bow after.  He took that very literal.  He sang so loud you couldn't hear anyone else and he knew ALL the words, even when everyone forgot he sang loud and clear.  And after every song he bowed like a little prince.  It was so cute I was so proud.  Everyone loved it.  Riley actually did really well.  She is so shy I was expecting her to run off crying.  But she stood there and sang.  Toward the end she did get her normal Riley scowl but hung in until the end.  When I get the video I will post it. 

Friday, December 14, 2012


I can't believe it is almost Christmas.  Kayden and Riley are so excited!  They have seen Santa a few times.  We went to the lighting ceremony they have here and Santa came.  The kid sat on his lap and after we were walking away Kayden started crying saying he wasn't getting his toy.  I thought the was thinking Santa gave him his toy there but he was crying because he didn't actually tell Santa what he wanted so now he wouldn't get his present.  It was pretty cute.  Since then we saw Santa again and it's all squared away! 
 A little ( a lot) of rain doesn't stop people in Washington from going out!


One Year Old

It is really hard for me to believe an entire year has gone by since Luke was born! November 14 of last year I remember how hard it was with my c section dilemma and him being in the NICU.  It seems like forever ago but then again I still remember it like yesterday.  We had a little party with just us.  He played with balloons and loved his cake.  Of course the trash was so much funner to play with than his presents!

Luke is doing really well.  We met with a geneticist and they said he has nothing genetically wrong with him, just something got mixed up really early in pregnancy and the bone didn't grow.  He is still pretty small even for adjusted age.  He is only 16 pounds and was 15 pound at his 9 mo check up.  We are not so worried because he is developing just fine, but his Pediatrician wants us to meet with a feeding specialist to make sure everything is good.  He meets with an Occupational Therapist every other week to help him learn to use his arm with everyday things.  We found out his ankles turn in so we had some orthodics made for him to wear to help him stand better and learn to walk.  He is starting to cruise the furniture.  He is so funny because he gets so frustrated at things so easily.  If there is anything in his way he will scream a scream that pretty much says," get that thing out of my way!!"  He also gets so mad at Kayden and Riley for getting to do and eat things he can't.  It's pretty cute.  We meet with his Orthopedic Doc this month to see what to do about his arm.

4 Years old!

I cannot believe my "babies" are 4!  We didn't do a party since we are still pretty new to the area and we don't know many people.  So we went out to a really fun dinner and came home and had cupcakes and opened presents.  Of course no celebration would be complete without some disaster.  About an hour before we were going to go to dinner Riley was playing with a balloon and jumped to grab it, slipped and landed chin first on the edge of a stool.  At first I though she was find until she looked up and moved her hand from her mouth, blood was coming out like crazy.  It freaked me out because she looked really creepy.  I looked in her mouth and her 2 front teeth were loose and the 2 side ones next to it were chipped.  She is fine now and her teeth are almost completely secure. 

Kayden couldn't be more of a boy.  He loves super hero's, action figures, video games ad trains.  He loves to read, he will make up his own story if I can't read it to him. 

Riley is all girl!  She loves anything pink or sparkly.  She loves barbies and babies.  She loves to pretend play.  She is very independent, she does not want help with ANYTHING, she can do it all herself. 

New Computer...

A little over 2 years ago our lap top died, well the kids actually broke it in half, either way it was done with.  We have our main computer hooked to our T.V. and it was always a pain to get on to do anything other than watch movies.  We got a little net book, but that was nearing it end too, so for the last 8 months we have just been using our iPad, that is why I have not updated this blog, not because I am lazy :)  Since I have started school and do it online I really needed a new laptop.  It finally arrived so I can now blog and upload pictures much easier.

First day of Preschool

On rainy days they like to build an obstacle course.  It's all fun and games until Luke gets in the way!

Things in Washington have been good.  The rain really doesn't bother me, the facts it is dark by 4:30 kills me.  In September Kayden and Riley started pre school.  I was lucky to find a good one that was 3 days a week and Fridays are swimming lessons.  They love swimming days, Riley more than Kayden.  They are getting good, I am lucky it is included with the school payment.  It has been nice to have a 2 1/2 break to spend time with Luke or clean the house, like it really stays clean, or do homework.