Friday, December 14, 2012

4 Years old!

I cannot believe my "babies" are 4!  We didn't do a party since we are still pretty new to the area and we don't know many people.  So we went out to a really fun dinner and came home and had cupcakes and opened presents.  Of course no celebration would be complete without some disaster.  About an hour before we were going to go to dinner Riley was playing with a balloon and jumped to grab it, slipped and landed chin first on the edge of a stool.  At first I though she was find until she looked up and moved her hand from her mouth, blood was coming out like crazy.  It freaked me out because she looked really creepy.  I looked in her mouth and her 2 front teeth were loose and the 2 side ones next to it were chipped.  She is fine now and her teeth are almost completely secure. 

Kayden couldn't be more of a boy.  He loves super hero's, action figures, video games ad trains.  He loves to read, he will make up his own story if I can't read it to him. 

Riley is all girl!  She loves anything pink or sparkly.  She loves barbies and babies.  She loves to pretend play.  She is very independent, she does not want help with ANYTHING, she can do it all herself. 

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