Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas program

 Yes Kaydens hand rested right there for the first part of the program.  Boys will be boys right?

Kayden and Riley had their Christmas Program last week.  They did The Littlest Christmas tree.  Riley was the littlest Christmas tree and Kayden played a kid.  I wasn't expecting much just a cute little show.  I have to say I have never laughed so hard!  Kayden was so funny.  For a few days prior to the show they were both practicing and Kayden kept saying his teacher told them they had to belt it out so everyone could hear and they had to bow after.  He took that very literal.  He sang so loud you couldn't hear anyone else and he knew ALL the words, even when everyone forgot he sang loud and clear.  And after every song he bowed like a little prince.  It was so cute I was so proud.  Everyone loved it.  Riley actually did really well.  She is so shy I was expecting her to run off crying.  But she stood there and sang.  Toward the end she did get her normal Riley scowl but hung in until the end.  When I get the video I will post it. 

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