Friday, December 14, 2012

One Year Old

It is really hard for me to believe an entire year has gone by since Luke was born! November 14 of last year I remember how hard it was with my c section dilemma and him being in the NICU.  It seems like forever ago but then again I still remember it like yesterday.  We had a little party with just us.  He played with balloons and loved his cake.  Of course the trash was so much funner to play with than his presents!

Luke is doing really well.  We met with a geneticist and they said he has nothing genetically wrong with him, just something got mixed up really early in pregnancy and the bone didn't grow.  He is still pretty small even for adjusted age.  He is only 16 pounds and was 15 pound at his 9 mo check up.  We are not so worried because he is developing just fine, but his Pediatrician wants us to meet with a feeding specialist to make sure everything is good.  He meets with an Occupational Therapist every other week to help him learn to use his arm with everyday things.  We found out his ankles turn in so we had some orthodics made for him to wear to help him stand better and learn to walk.  He is starting to cruise the furniture.  He is so funny because he gets so frustrated at things so easily.  If there is anything in his way he will scream a scream that pretty much says," get that thing out of my way!!"  He also gets so mad at Kayden and Riley for getting to do and eat things he can't.  It's pretty cute.  We meet with his Orthopedic Doc this month to see what to do about his arm.

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