Sunday, May 29, 2011

Some fun pictures

Kayden loves to help cook!

During one of the few nice days in May they were able to play in the water. Now everyday they ask if they can play in the water.

They love playing in Daddy's "jeet" (jeep)


We went over to my moms for Easter this year. All the kids loved looking for eggs. For a while after if the saw a basket or went to my moms they would still look for eggs.


In April we went to Disneyland and the Beach. It was a lot of fun! The kids really enjoyed the beach. We went to a character breakfast with all the Mickey Mouse characters. They liked looking from a distance but of course as soon as any character came close Riley cried. Zach did get food poisoning from the sausage there. It was a very very rough night for him. Even though at the time we went the kids only knew about Mickey Mouse they still loved the rides. Riley loved the carousal and Kayden loved the rocket ride and dumbo.

They LOVED the beach!!

Mickey's house

Riley is very very shy, she doesn't look like she is having fun but she loved it! I just had to hold her the whole time!

They did so well waiting in line

Monday, May 16, 2011

Braegger baby # 3

Well Zach and I are expecting again. Huge surprise! We were not trying trust me! One morning I woke up and I just wasn't feeling well. I realized my period should be starting and I thought "no way" So I took an old test I had from a scare a while ago and it turned out positive! I started crying and I ran down and woke Zach up. We wanted more kids but not until next year sometime. After the shock wore off we are very excited. Not to happy about giving birth only 5 months ago and I have this fear of delivering early again. Lets hope 3rd times a charm!

So me and my sister are only 4 weeks apart! My mom told us we are trying to age her. :)

Zach took the camera with him on vacation but when I get it back I will post pictures of our trip to to California last month.