Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This is our house that we are living in here in Rio Rancho. It is in a quiet little neighborhood. The only bad thing is we live so far away from town.
I started taking belly pictures now that i am starting to show and I am sure I am only going to get bigger with twins inside me! So this is me at 15 1/2 wks.
I am glad I am in my second trimester. At least I don't feel sick all day and night. I am starting to eat more, since i need an additional 600 cal a day! The only thing that gets me down is when i get dizzy, which does happen a lot. Zach is really excited and supportive, he can't wait till the day he can hold one in each arm.


Jen said...

YEAH! How exciting! We will all get to watch you get HUGE with two babies- this will be fun. I am so excited about the babies- too bad your so far away!

Rachel Leigh said...

Yay! I am glad you started a blog. Now we can still kind of participate in your pregnancy. Cute belly pictures!