Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We had our first appointment with the prenatal specialist ( i am high risk because of twins). We were there forever. She drew a detailed picture of our family history! Luckily we are both healthy and have healthy families. The Dr. said everything looked great. I am healthy they are healthy. Both babies are positioned great they have their own sac and placenta. They are only measuring 1 day apart(the girl in the lead). I will be induced if they don't come before 38 wks but she said she would be surprised if i made it that far, more likely 35-36 wks. The only thing they are watching right now is my weight. They want me to gain 40-50 pounds and I have only gained 4 1/2. So I was given permission to sit on my butt and eat. Nothing is off limits although healthy high calorie foods are the best.

This is our little girl. She did not want to cooperate today. She curled into a tight c shape. Her head is down and her chin is tucked into her chest.
Here is our little boy. He stuck his arm right in front of his face when she took the picture.
I know it is hard to tell but those are four little feet. The big blob on the left is the placenta of the boy.


Jen said...

Geez Cassie! EAT ALREADY!! Its not hard- insert food into mouth and don't stop- push through the pain!! You can do it! :) At least you look pregnant now- how exciting!

Melissa said...

Your belly is so cute! For the gaining weight...since I gained 40 pounds with Dylan... I would recommend burritos and the giant box of ice cream sandwiches from costco. But be careful...you might be like me that you eat so much fat that your gall bladder poops out and then at the end of your pregnancy when you want it the most...your doctor forbids you to eat fatty foods!!!