Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stubborn Babies!

We had our 30 week ultrasound today. Everything is still looking good. Just the normal pregnancy aches and pains. When the tech did our ultra sound we tried to get some good pictures but they would not cooperate. Riley is back to being head down which is good but she had her feet resting on her head and her cord across her face so we could not get a good face shot of her. Kayden is up in my ribs and is facing my back. We tried to get him to move but he just kept kicking us away, his feet are also on his head across his face. They are measuring right on time even a couple days ahead. They have both really grown in 4 weeks, they went from being 2 pound to being 3 pounds 9 oz and 3 pounds 7 oz. It is scary to think i am only 30wks and I have 7 pounds of baby in me.

I now go to my OB every 2 weeks and starting at 32 weeks I go to the specialist every week. I will be getting a biophysical of the babies during that time. Basically i will go in every week and they will see how and if the babies are making breathing patterns and a NST (non stress test) to see how their heart rates fluctuate when they move and how they deal with my contractions.

Zach is working hard to get the nursery ready. I will post some pictures of his hard work this weekend.

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