Wednesday, July 29, 2009

8 months old!!

Well Kayden and Riley are 8 months old (on 7/27). I can't believe how fast the time has gone. Kayden has been able to sit up all by himself for almost a month now. Riley was having a hard time and we realized she was spitting up a lot especially when she was trying to sit up. We finally took her to the Dr. and she was diagnosed with acid reflux. After 4 days of being on the medication she was able to sit up all by herself. They are catching up to kids their age fast now. They are eating so much now. I am feeding them solids 3 times a day now so that is more work for me since I am making all their food. Kayden is close to crawling, he is very mobile when on the floor, he rolls and turns himself everywhere so we have to be careful with him, he LOVES cords. Riley is content just sitting up playing or just laying on the floor, she does not have much interest it going anywhere yet.

Kayden 1 month old

Kayden 8 months old

Riley 1 month old

Riley 8 months old
Enjoying bath time


Hanna said...

They are so big and SO cute! I love the way you dress Riley, it is so fun to have a girl, huh?! We hope we can meet them one day!

Elisa said...

Wow, isn't life so much easier after they can sit up? Baths are easier, playtime is easier, EVERYTHING is easier! My daughter has been on Prevacid since she was 3 weeks old. I keep trying to wean her off, but then she starts to throw up again and stops sleeping so good at night. It's my little girl that is the mover, and my little boy could care less. Funny that they are opposites from your babies! They are so cute. You need to move back to St. George...our kids need to play!

Calista said...

Wow way to go, making all their food! It will take a better person than me to do that for my children. I can't belive how big they are too! Congrats on them sitting - too bad for Riley, but good she's got some medicine.