Monday, September 28, 2009

10 Months

Kayden and Riley are now 10 months old. They are getting so big and so smart. Riley finally started crawling almost 2 weeks ago. The thing that finally made her crawl? Kayden was playing with an old nintendo 64 controller and her was crawling off with it and the cord was trailing behind him and I look over and Riley is crawling after it, it was very cute. Now they are both really mobile. We have to gate off our living room so they cant get into everything, even though they try. They are both down to one bottle a day. I can't wait to get rid of formula and save money. They are both trying to pull them selves up, Kayden does really well he can get to the standing position even though he falls a lot. Riley is not far behind him.
Today Kayden flopped himself out of his chair and landed on a glass and cut his knuckles. The were bleeding but he was not bothered. Poor kid has battle wounds all over him. :)


Kayden has found a new way to escape!

They both try to crawl up me!

This is Kayden trying to make Riley mad

This is what Riley looks like after Kayden has taken something away from her (it happens quite often).
They now get into everything!!


Laura Smith said...

They are so cute!!!

Cindi and Eric Miner said...

They are getting so big!

Jake and Jen said...

Someone really needs to pick Zach's toys up....