Sunday, December 28, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Bath time! We gave Kayden and Riley their first baths at home. As soon as Zach took Riley's cloths off she peed all over him! She loved the water! Poor Kayden can't have a full bath yet because of his circumcision so we gave him a little sponge bath and he was not happy!


having to take care of two is exhausting!

They sleep pretty well during the day but not so well at night. Because they were in the NICU they are used to having light and noise all the time so as long as we have the lights on and tv or music they sleep pretty well, so of course we don't get much sleep. Me and Zach now sleep in shifts, it is the only way we get any kind of sleep.

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Jake and Jen said...

Glad you guys could get the babes home! Is that a new tat on Zach's wrist??