Friday, December 5, 2008


Well the Babies are now one week old and they are having small improvements every day! Cassie's life has changed, she now spends a good portion of her day making and harvesting food for the wee ones. The nursery is almost done and we put up a plethora of Christmas lights! Just keeping our fingers crossed that they will get to come home sooner than later.


Melissa said...

that is awesome that you are pumping and that you posted a picture!! Do you feel like a cow yet? What a good mom!

Jen said...

Ok the cowboy song is beginning to make me barf- its very startling when it comes on and I throw up in my mouth a little before I can mute it!! Time for a new tune please :)

Jake and Jen said...

haha..okay what about a plethora of harvesting!
and unfortunately..dido to Jen's comment.