Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July

Going back for more!

Kayden had no fear of the fireworks. He just wanted more and more
Riley was happy just sitting back and playing with the pop its

I think this face tells you how much she liked sparklers
Kayden loved all the fireworks

This year we finally did fireworks with kids! The past 2 years they were in bed by the time we could do fireworks. Riley touched the end of the sparkler (her first one of the night) and it scared her because it was hot, it didn't burn her but she still freaked and would go near anymore. So she sat back and played with pop its. By the end she said "Mommy go inside. No more. Fireworks later." It was cute she would put her hands over her eyes during the bigger fireworks Zach lit off. Kayden on the other hand couldn't get enough fireworks. He loved them all. He would bring Zach the fireworks. He would run around holding 2 sparklers in his hands jumping and laughing. We had fun. Zachs mom (Opi as the kids call her) came to watch along with Zach's cousin Mandy.

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