Friday, July 8, 2011

Hello second trimester!

I am in my second trimester and thankfully feeling much better! I still have bad days every so often and usually feel sick in the morning but for the most part it is nice feeling a little better. I am still tired all day everyday and I don't think that will change soon. :)

We moved to Layton over the 4th of July weekend. After we found out I was pregnant we needed a bigger place. Another baby would not have fit in our house in Bountiful. So after only living there for 9 months we moved again. Every time we have moved I have been pregnant. We moved to New Mexico when I was 10 weeks pregnant with the twins. We moved to Albuquerque when I was 7ish weeks pregnant with Alfie then Zach got the job back in Utah and we moved to Bountiful when I was 17 weeks pregnant with Alfie. Now this time around I am 14 weeks. No more moving I am so sick of it! The kids are great though. They love their new house. It is MUCH bigger than any other place we have lived. There is so much more room!

When we bought the kids their big beds we bought bunk beds just didn't set it up. Zach and his cousin Mandy set up the bunk beds in the new house. After a fun time of watching them set it up the kids were so excited. They love climbing the ladder and there is so much more room when they are set up as bunk beds. When I get a new memory card I will take pictures.

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Jake and Jen said...

Wow! Moving and pregnant just should NOT go together! But at least it was a good one! I'm so happy for you guys! ANOTHER BABY YAY!