Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Surgery date

We met with the Orthopedic Doctor. He gave us a surgery date of Sept. 19th. That will be his first one. Luckily he said his wrist was not as stiff as he thought so we can skip the first surgery of expanding the tissue. So on Sept 19th they will go in and attach his wrist to the ulna bone (normally our wrist is connected to the radius) then they will rearrange his muscle and tendons to try to straighten out the wrist. Then 1-3 months late they will move the pointer finder over to make a thumb so he can learn to pick things up. The wrist won't stay straight forever, it will eventually start to turn back in but he of course won't know the difference! Luckily this surgery is an out patient surgery and he will be home the same day, but still really really not looking forward to it. He is doing great with it though, he has discovered can get his fingers in his mouth. Although he prefers his thumb on his right hand. He had a brace made for him to wear at night to stretch the tissue a little more. But by morning it is off and lost in bed. He had an x ray while at the Doctors. It looks so odd to have that bone missing!

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