Friday, March 9, 2012

Very overdue update!

It has been soooooo long since I have updated this blog! I am such a slacker. With Kayden and Riley I always updated the blog. So I am starting now with Luke's birth story, almost 4 months ago! So here it is.

On Monday November 14th I woke up so happy because I had made it to the 33 week milestone! I had an ultrasound at 12 pm. I was so excited to see the baby and finally get a good 3d pic. Zach stayed home with the kids because this was supposed to be a normal check up. As I was laying there I told the tech I wanted a 3d, she hurried through the ultrasound and turned it off and said "have you been leaking any fluid?" You never want to hear that question. She said there is no fluid and not so good blood flow to the placenta. I can't explain the horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. I called Zach while I was waiting barley keeping tears back. The Doctor came in and put his hand on my knee and said " we need to get this baby out now" I started crying! How could this happen again?! He said I was lucky Luke was still alive. He had not grown in 4 weeks, they estimated his weight at 1 pound 15 ounces. I was an emotional wreak, I just cried walking down the hall to labor and delivery. We were so blessed we had family that could make it and help with the kids. Since they knew I would be having a c section they wanted to wait 12 hours but the baby's heart rate kept dropping so at 6 my wonderful Doctor came in and said lets do this. So off we went, this time the spinal hurt like hell! But after just a short time we heart a tiny tiny cry and I asked Zach is it a boy or a girl but half his body was still in me :) finally they pulled him out and Zach cried it was a boy. I started crying. I was so happy I could hear his cry! They cleaned him up and brought him over, he was so small, 2 pounds 8 ounces, I gave him a kiss and they took him away.
It seemed like forever before they would let me get out of bed, I told them I would get up myself if they didn't let me up. It was later the next day that I FINALLY got to see Luke. He was so small and it was so hard to see him. Kayden and Riley were in the NICU but they weren't this small. He was on a ventilator among other lines and cords. We could only very lightly put our hands on him. We weren't actually able to hold him for a week. It was so hard leaving him there when I went home. He had to have blood transfusions and so many different medications it was heart breaking. Only 4 days after he was born I got a call saying there was something wrong with heart and he was going to Primary Children's. So there he spent the next 7 weeks of his life.

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